Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pool Cage Screen

How To Tell The Difference In Pool Cage Screen

Yes, the industry has changed and new pool screen has hit the market. But lets back up a minute and see what we have used over the past 20-30 years.

Back in the day gray colored screen was the big thing. But soon charcoal colored screen took over and now that is the only thing you can get. I should say that charcoal is the color 99% of the pool contractors sell.

The mesh has always been the big thing with clients. Most want 20/20 screen mesh because that is the tightest screen mesh available. This type of screen keeps out all the bugs at least this is what most customers tell us.

But the industry standard is 18/14 mesh. The main reason for this is engineering. Yes, the industry has engineering on screen. Think about this way. the tighter the screen mesh [20/20] the less wind travels through the screen which puts more tension on the screen wall when the wind blows.

So when Florida has hurricanes or just high winds you will find a lot of pool cages blow down. This is mainly because of 20/20 screen.

The State of Florida changed there building codes and the Aluminum Association of Florida got involved and made the changes in the code to take all types of screen mesh in account when building a new pool cage.

You might what to check out this company http://www.absolutealuminum.com/ because they have stayed up to date on all past and current building codes. Plus they are considered an expert in pool cage screen.

The latest screen that has hit the market is called Super Screen by Twitchell. This is my screen of choice because it carries a 10 year warranty from the manufacture. Most screen only last 5-6 years so the Super Screen is a big money saver because it will last even longer then 10 years.

Talking about savings check out this web site http://poolcageprices.blogspot.com/ because it has ways for you to save money when you purchase a new pool cage.

The bottom line when you purchase pool cage screen find what works for you and your lifestyle. If you use your pool a lot or entertain then spend the money and go for the Super Screen. But if you only use your pool here and there then 18/14 will work for you.

Make sure you check out the 2 links above for more information.

Glen Kohlenberg